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Own a piece of Hawai'i History.

Hali'a Hawai'i gives new life to vintage fabric by creating quality limited edition bags.  Each print is handpicked from

the archives of Hawai'i's premier fabric producers from 1950-1970; Hawaiian Textile and G. Von. Hamm.

Dwight Hamai, founder of Hali'a Hawai'i, had a vision to preserve the rich and colorful history of Hawai'i's fabric.  His love for art and fabric lead him to believe there was a better use for this collection of Hawaiian memories than to be stored away for no one to appreciated, or worse yet, ruined and lost forever.

The fabric used for these products come from unused sample swatches from the original print runs that have been stored in pristine condition over the years.  Since there are not yards of each print there will be few duplicates,  which adds to the uniqueness of our bags.

We are excited to share these prints with you and hope you will appreciate our passion for bringing the past into the future.

With Aloha!

Marcie Norton
Julie Ikeda-Chang
Dwight Hamai

product development/graphics


product development/sales


founder and visionary


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